Best Call Recorder Apps to record a phone call on Android

We’ve seen phone manufacturers include a default call recorder app for many phones. But, recently they are dropping this feature from the most handset. If you are missing a call recording app on your phone, then there is plenty of third-party apps available on play store in both free and premium nature. On this page, we will focus on some of the best Best Android Call Recording App for FREE.

How to record a phone call on android? Download these top free call recorder apps.

NOTE: Recording a phone call without acknowledging to both parties is illegal in some countries. learn more about laws regarding call recording at Wikipedia and the Digital Media Law Project. Before you start recording a phone call make sure you are not breaking laws.


This is one of the best apps to record a call on smartphone. The app was targeted to meet all user requirement and give full control of call recording. This high-quality mp3 voice calls recording app consume less memory and able to record an hour of call in just 7mb size. The user can also keep a portion of the record by editing and cut part of the conversation then save a new file. The quick start button can be placed anywhere. The app also able to continue record call even when user is in waiting and receive a new call.


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Call recorder is the most downloaded pure phone recorder app on google play store. The app allows a user to save the audio in multiple formats. After installing the app enable the “ON” key and it will automatically start recording as soon as you have a call. Another great feature is the ability to sync with ‘Dropbox’ to save files on the cloud.


Another most rated and popular app for call recording task. The automatic call recorder app allows setting which calls should record and which should not be. Recordings will go in an inbox, from where the user can listen, add notes and share. Dropbox synchronization uploads recordings to the online storage. There is also a pro version of Automatic Call Recorder app available allowing to record a call from appropriate contacts automatically and save them to the cloud.


If you own a phone from Samsung Galaxy Series, then this app would come very handy to save voice conversation. Galaxy Call Recording software specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones. The key feature is the ability to capture two-way recording on Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III. On other devices, the app uses microphone to capture audio. Download these best phone call recorder app to record phone calls and try on your device. Let us know which audio capturing app you are currently using.

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